A small and powerful laptop with a great screen

As a web developer I moved around a fair amount. I visit clients in regional Western Australia and whilst I’m on the road I need a machine that will let me do my work fast, effectively and reliably. I mention reliability because that is the most important feature of a laptop for me. I need it to work every time I go to use it without fail. That’s what the Dell XPS is for me, its reliable. No matter where I am, I can whip this little laptop out and get some work done quickly and quietly without any issues.

Now its not only about reliability. In a laptop I am looking for a few keys things. Does it have a decent battery? The Dell XPS does pretty good here, as long as you use the battery saver function in Windows 10 I can usually get 6-8 hours on it, so that’s a days work. Does it have enough power to do some actual work? The Dell XPS has a Intel core i7 processor so it has no trouble handling the abundance of tabs I like to have open, with Adobe Dreamweaver, FileZilla and Adobe Photoshop executing a multitude of tasks. Lastly, is the screen accurate? The Dell XPS 13 has a beautiful screen that’s very accurate and visually stunning because of its zero-bezel look. Plus its touch so there’s that added bonus.

I also got a custom decal made for my XPS that makes it a bit more personal.

Check out other decals for lots of devices over at DecalGirl.

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