The QNAP TVS-873 is an absolutely beautiful NAS. It’s reliable, powerful and has a premium build quality (apart from the plastic drive bays).

I’ve used QNAP for about 7 years. I used a 4 bay TS-459 Pro for 5 years and it ran like a treat 24/7 with 4 8TB WD Red NAS drives in a Raid 5 config. Once I filled that I need to upgrade and I knew I could rely on QNAP to deliver reliability.

I chose the TVS-873 because of the 8 drive bays and can be upgraded in the future i.e. M.2 SSD slots, two expansion card ports, supports 64GB RAM. I was wary of the AMD processor but I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the performance of my Plex server on it. The NAS has no issues running 6 concurrent 720p streams via LAN & WAN.

I also like QNAP because of the App Centre which is essentially QNAP’s App Store. You can pretty much find a QPKG for anything you want over on the QNAP Forums if it’s not in the store.

Here are some of the apps I use and love:

  • Transmission
  • SABnzbd
  • Jackett
  • Radarr
  • Sonarr
  • Plex Media Server
  • NZB Hydra

Other apps I like that come from QNAP include:

  • Hybrid Backup Sync
  • Virtualization Station
  • CloudLink

Overall I ❤ my QNAP TVS-873. I use it everyday for my storage and media needs. It’s also runs my customer website backups every night. As of this post I’ve used 27.46TB of my 35TB limit (6 x 8TB WD Red Drives in a Raid 5. I also used a 256GB Samsung 840 Pro for cache acceleration.

In the future I will probably add two 512GB M.2 SSD’s for cache acceleration and add an additional two 8TB drives, or maybe 10TB 😉 we’ll see.

Final tip: WD Red NAS drives are expensive but they’re worth every cent. They are much quieter than say the Seagate Archive Drives and have much better performance. I’ve also heard the Seagate Iron Wolf drives are good but I have never used them.

If you have any questions on my setup or need some help installing your first QPKG, let me know in the comments below.

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