As a business owner I have many different responsibilities which are best categorised under the title of Web Designer. I build and maintain websites and social media accounts for small and medium sized businesses across WA. Mostly I build websites on open source platforms like Joomla! and WordPress but I also have some experience with custom solutions.

I focus my resources on eliciting user requirements, understanding business needs and collaborating with customers to determine website features and functionality. I then utilise my technical skills to build and implement a solution. I’m a self-taught designer with a Bachelor of Commerce (Business Information Systems and Internet Communications) from Curtin University, which I completed in 2016. Since then I’ve continued to developed my business management skill set and provided an ever-evolving set of services to my customers. It’s been challenging, rewarding, interesting, fun, stressful and life changing.

To celebrate working for myself for over 5 years, I thought I would share 5 things I’ve learnt over this time.

Find the full article on my LinkedIn profile.

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